Episode 15 The Wake of the Tankers

SAMAQAN Water Stories: Ep 15 Excerpt – Xax gla lies sla: The Wake of the Tankers

The second part examines the local cost of Tankers on the westcoast, the singing and mating grounds of certain whales, the harvesting of sea weed, harvesting intertidal shellfish, all threatened by market forces. We meet Marvin Robinson a tour guide and citizen of Hartley Bay. We meet Harman Mueter, who has set up an elaborate system of recording devices to document the sounds of whales.

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  1. mellisa donaldson says:

    To whom this may concern,

    You mentioned meeting Marvin Robinson.

    I am trying to contact Mr. Robinson but I am having no luck in finding any contact information. I am an amateur photographer who would like to use him as a guide. If you have any information on how I can contact him I would greatly appreciate it.


    Mellisa Donaldson

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